Research Subjects

STT Tên đề tài Cấp
1 Research and design of cardiac output measurement equipment using bioimpedance techniques Country
2 Research, design and produce the cell saver machine apply in open operating Country
3 Research, design and produce the automatic dialysate stirring system Country
4 Research and design the dialyzer reprocessing machine to reuse in hemodialysis therapy Country
5 Research and design multi-functions electro-therapeutic devices for physiotherapy using microprocessor Country
6 Research, design and produce device for biological signal measuring and monitoring Ministry
7 Research and design electro-therapeutic devices for physiotherapy Ministry
8 Design emergence indicator system in hospital Ministry
9 Research and design spine stretching device for physiotherapy Ministry
10 Evaluate radiation safety of image diagnostic systems in medical facilities and suggest radiological quality administration system for radiological equipments in Vietnam Ministry
11 Design CT-Scanner simulation system Minitry
12 Design, create micro-organism incubatory equipment Ministry
13 Develop software system for patient information administration in diagnosis Ministry
14 Develop ultrasonic clinical facilities administration program Ministry
15 Research and design at 2 frequencies for ultrasonic therapy device University
16 Develop simulation software for control and display process in patient monitor University
17 Research to connect medical test instruments to PC University
18 Research ultrasonic therapeutic device used in physiotherapy University
19 Research human bio-signal transmission and reception methods via cell phone systems University
20 Develop DICOM image processing software University
21 Develop HL7 records codec program University
22 Research, design and assemble Peritoneum Dialysis (PD machine) applied in nephron cardiac treatment Ministry
23 Research and design data acquisition and centralized control system for medical instruments Ministry
24 Research the applications of tumor classification and identification techniques for mammography images Ministry
25 Research on specified EEG waveforms of sleep to improve EEG of insomnia patients Ministry
26 Design the smart power supply assurance device for Atpiny 13 chip to apply in biomedical design University
27 Develop a program to measure and display SpO2 (oxygen saturation) signals on a computer using dotNet technology. University
28 Research, design and manufacture of anti-drowsiness devices for drivers Ministry
29 Research, design and produce an interactive learning devices - BK-iclicker Ministry
30 Build medical information server Ministry